Holiday Pains

The holidays are a fabulous time for being with family and friends, sharing food and drink, and reflecting on the past year.  However, they’re also full of scheduling conflicts, shopping, wrapping, food prep, travel, and expectations.

Unmet Expectations.... Can Hurt.


For many people this time can be stressful.  As a clinician working around the holidays there is often a noticeable increase in the number of flare-ups, recurrences of old issues, and onsets of pain.  For those experiencing this unfortunate side of the holidays, understanding the reasons for it goes a long way in helping to deal with it.  Here is a collection of a few great videos on pain perception and why it may increase during this time of year.

You will find that chronic or recurrent pain is a function of the brain, is often unrelated to the amount or significance of tissue damage, and that ‘hurt does not equal harm’.

As you live or train, avoid the “no pain, no gain” mentality and realize that if you “know pain” you will “know gain” (Thanks to David Butler and Lorimer Moseley authors of Explain Pain for these words). The clips below should help you “know pain”. Final words regarding rehab, training, and reactivation for those living with pain, from Diane Jacobs (paraphrased) “If you want your body to feel better, you have to feel your body move better.”  Quality movement is essential to feeling good and living well.

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