R2P Skills Integration – Extremities

R2P: Skills Integration – Extremities

A review course for PS2AD-B (Upper and lower quarter emphasis) & preparation for the R2P CERT Exam

We will take the solid and coordinated core we discussed in part 1 and connect the pattern to the extremities.  (Previously Accelerated Rehab 2)

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Date: October 17-18, 2015UCLA morgancenter

Time: Saturday 10-6; Sunday 9-1

Location: Los Angeles, CA  @ UCLA – Morgan Athletic Center

R2P Skills Integration- Extremities emphasizes support function and force generation including assessment and correction of the upper and lower quarters.
(It is not necessary to complete part 1 to register and appreciate part 2.)


  • Review of functional assessment methods aimed at detecting upper and lower quarter dysfunction.
  • Setting the foundation: the role of the torso (spine position, posture, and breathing) in extremity movement.
  • Proximal stability for distal mobility [and a conversation about how distal afferentation drives proximal stability].
  • Controlling the sagittal plane.  Stability and control in the frontal and sagittal planes.
  • Role of proprioceptive input.
  • Upper quarter mobility: thoracic spine, ribs, and wrist.   Assessment and active interventions.
  • Upper quarter stability: open and closed chain.
  • The interplay of mobility and stability in complex UE patterns.
  • Coaching, cueing, and motor control theory.
  • Lower quarter mobility: hip and ankle.  Assessment and active interventions.
  • Lower quarter stability:  hip, knee, and foot.  Discussion of valgus collapse, trendelenburg, and hyperprontation.  Open and closed chain movements.
  • A refreshing/challenging look at the squat pattern.
  • How the base of support drives the movement.
  • Clinical decision making:  How the assessment guides exercise selection.  How the Clinical Audit Process determines compliance.  Reassessment and the next step; progressions, regressions, and tangents.
  • Progression to athletic, end-stage of rehab exercise.  Pair/Group/Team training. ucla
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