Olympic Lifting Seminar


“The King of American Weightlifting”

  • A US national champion, International team member, and an International coach for USA Weightlifting.
  • His coaching has produced national champions, team titles, world team members, and an Olympian.
  • Current American Record Holder for the Snatch and Total (62kg division).

Date: Saturday, July 11th, 2015.

Time: 11am – 7pm


Location: RPI East Campus Athletic Village (Harkness Room and Varsity Gym). Park in D-lot.
Set GPS to 80 Peck Dr. Troy, NY.

This course is intended to be participation based. Please come dressed to move. Observation is welcome for those with physical limitations.

Screening& Injury Prevention

Areas of concern with Olympic Lifting

Assessment to determine proper positions and lifts for each athlete

Preparatory Movements

Core & Glute activation

Thoracic, hip and ankle mobility

The Lifts

Snatch: & its assistance exercises (snatch balance, snatch power, etc)

Clean & Jerk : & its assistance exercises



Speaker Bio:

Derrick Johnson is currently 30 years old and he got his start seventeen years ago in the sport of Olympic weightlifting at Lift for Life Gym, an after school program for underprivileged youth in the inner city of St. Louis.  Derrick would go on to win multiple national championships throughout all age divisions, 7 American open titles, and make many international teams representing the United States.

Derrick would later start coaching at Lift for Life Gym where he would coach hundreds of kids throughout the St. Louis area.  He began coaching Olympic weightlifting when he was 19 years old at Lift for Life Gym and he was named the head coach at the age of 23.  He would go on to produce national champion weightlifters, and coach weightlifters to international teams representing the United States.

At the age of 24, Derrick created and was named the head coach of the Olympic weightlifting team at Lindenwood University, which is the only program in the Unites States that gives scholarships to weightlifters all around the world.  In its first year of 2010, his team finished in 2nd place at the National Collegiate Championships.

In 2010 Derrick began training fighters at the H.I.T. Squad (UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes’ gym) to help them become better athletes and more powerful explosive fighters. Some of these fighters would go on to fight for the UFC, StrikeForce, and Bellator fighting promotions. Derrick has given Olympic weightlifting seminar throughout the country including college programs, CrossFit gyms, and private facilities.

Coach Johnson was awarded the 2010 Developmental Coach of the Year for USA Weightlifting by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), and in 2011 Johnson put together the strongest team in American as they went on to win the men’s American Open team title. Derrick is the youngest coach to be named head coach of an international competition for USA Weightlifting.

Derrick continues coaching and also is striving to return as an athlete in the 2016 Olympic games.

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