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Robert Lardner Seminar

Upcoming Course:

Clinical Thinking in Manual Therapy and Exercise

Date: Saturday/Sunday, October 12-13, 2013.   Time: 11-6 Sat, 9-2 Sun.

Location: Center for Natural Wellness  3 Cerone Commercial Dr  Albany, NY 12205.
(Just off Wolf Rd in Albany, minutes from the Albany Airport.)

I am thrilled to welcome Robert Lardner to New York’s Capital Region.  He will be sharing his expertise in movement assessment and correction, various soft tissue methods, and expertise in addressing complex cases and elite performers.

Robert Lardner, PT is co-author of The Janda Approach.


  • To provide a deductive background based on the evaluation findings , manual tools utilized and the practical analysis via the audit process in clinical decision making.
  • To Provide a brief review of clinically  relevant anatomy as it relates to the rehabilitation process.
  • To implement manual techniques that can benefit the goal of augmenting and facilitating the DNS (or other) rehabilitative approaches in affecting the psycho somatic unit represented in the patient.
  • Practical application and practice of the manual techniques and clinical reasoning.
  • Give recommendations as to further reading and study material that might be useful in the rehabilitation process.

Robert Lardner was born in Nigeria in 1961. His first career was as a professional ballet and modern dancer after studying at the Rambert Ballet Academy outside London, England. Going back to University he graduated from the Department of Physical Therapy, Lund’s University, Sweden in 1991. He has worked in several in- and out- patient rehabilitation facilities in Sweden prior to moving to the United States in 1992.

Having been a staff physical therapist at McNeal Hospital, Clearing Industrial Clinic, and a physical therapy supervisor at Mercy Hospital, he has also been in charge of physical therapy services at a number private outpatient and sports clinics.

He has also studied with Professors of Janda, Lewit and Kolář from the Czech Republic who are pioneers of functional rehabilitation and manual medicine and who have strongly influence his philosophy and practice of physical therapy. He is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK).

Currently, he is in private practice in Chicago and teaches various rehabilitation seminars throughout the United States and Europe.

Robert is also a co-author of The Janda Approach: Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance.

Accommodations: Course is 1/4 mile from 2 hotels:

Courtyard Albany Airport

Albany Marriott

Nearest Airport (1/2 mile): Albany International Airport (ALB).