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Pediatric Assessment Review

After part 1 of the Pediatric Rehabilitation seminar with Dr. Van Matre, I’ve had a few requests for a way to review this material and become more familiar with it. Below are some videos and links to facilitate review.

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you all again for part 2.

My first experience with the neurodevelopmental model came from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).  Utilizing the principles of the developing child this technique treats a wide variety of conditions including orthopedic (neuromusculoskeletal) conditions.

 The foundation is understanding normal pediatric development:

Pediatric (newborn) Neuro Assessment:

Tonic Neck Reflex

Grasp Reflex

Moro Reflex

Galant Reflex

Parachute Reflex

Stepping Reflex

@ 6 Months Primitive Reflex

Other 6 Month videos:

Postural Reflexes


Lateral propping


Vojta descriptions and images:

Reflex Locomotion Fundamentals


Developmental Kinesiology Approach

DK powerpoint (from DNS)

Just watching them move

Vojta Images from the Spanish Vojta Society

BONUS: Recent DNS Clinical Application discussion from


R2P in Daytona: Spine Rehab

Rehab 2 Performance seminar:

The Cutting Edge: Lumbar Spine Rehab

Principles, Fundamentals, and Putting it into practice.

with Jason Brown, DC
Rehab 2 Performance logo

Date: Sat/Sun April 6-7, 2013

Time: 10-6 Saturday   &  8:00-1:00 Sunday

Cutting Edge: From Occam’s razor to the sharp, crisp blows of Bruce Lee, we see the power of simplicity. Mastery of the basics is essential to exceptional performance.  We will draw from the a variety of contemporary rehab methods (Prague school of rehab [Janda, Lewit, DNS], SFMA, and the works of Liebenson, McGill, Cook, & Butler & Moseley) to help you master the basics of lumbar spine assessment and rehab.

In this mixed lecture, demo, and participation based seminar you will be introduced to the principles behind modern spine care.  During the weekend we expect you to gain an appreciation of contemporary functional assessment, solidify your selection of corrective strategies, and hone your instruction and cueing techniques.  By mastering the basics you will have something usable on Monday morning in the clinic and something that will help you change peoples lives.

Lumbar Spine: Following the principles of the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists, we will discuss pertinent biomechanics and load of the lumbar spine, the role of the hips, function of the core, and how breathing fits in.  While discussing one region of the body, the course will focus on global assessment with appreciation for regional interdependence.  Ultimately we will help you understand how it all ties in.

Quality movement is the bridge from rehab to performance.  Improve your eyes and learn to see it.  Enrich your brain and know how to prioritize what you see.  Smooth out your explanation so you can communicate complex concepts concisely to patients and colleagues.

Location:  Daytona Beach Resort
2700 N Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
Phone: (877) 644-3239

Beachfront rehab course = worth the trip.


SEATING FOR THIS SEMINAR IS LIMITED and is first come first served.
$249/$329.  Register by paypal below.  (Registration by check can be arranged email: jbrowndc @

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This course is held with the support of the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists and Theraband Academy

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