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Evidenced Informed Practice Promotion

The previous post (verbosely) discussed evidenced informed practice and how art may influence our science.  Acknowledging that art can influence science, we must also continue to strive to ‘prove’ what we do, why we do it, and how it works.  Best practices involve finding the ideal solution for the patient at hand (each case is a study where N=1), and finding the right solution for the right person is more important than following a particular protocol or treatment method.  Just ask the patient, they’ll agree.

As practitioners we find ourselves working to educate patients as to what we do, how they can better understand their condition, and what they can be doing on their own to improve their own health or wellness.  Below are some great resources for evidence informed practice promotion that may help stimulate conversations within your clinic.

1)  Quality, evidenced-based health care information available for your office wall.  Stimulate meaningful conversation about the topics you know are important to your patients health.  From lifting techniques, to upper & lower crossed syndromes, spinal stabilization, and postural strain.  These eye-catching posters are fully referenced so you can be confident that these posters mirror the excellence and knowledge of your clinical staff.

2)Public Service announcement from the West Hartford Group (WHG).  (disclaimer: I am a member of this group and while I supported this effort I had no hand in the creation of this great video.  I offer many thanks to those who put in the time and effort so this project could see the light of day.)  The WHG encourages you to share, post, or use this video; it was created for the betterment of the chiropractic profession.

ISCRS logo

“Learn the Skills. Master the Art”

3. International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists (ISCRS).  Membership to this multidisciplinary group includes access to a wide variety of self-help articles for patients as well as member discounts to other resources for further education and patient empowerment.  Visit online @  If you’re up for the challenge, join as a General Member and begin the track to full membership.