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Smart Training/Rehab Gaining Momementum in the NFL

As an advocate of functional assessment, high quality rehab, and mindful training I’m always thrilled when I see articles such as this. 

Atlanta Falcons Training/Rehab Program from the NY times.


Bonus: Previous article from Professor McGill in the NY Times.
For the sake of our athlete’s I hope this paradigm continues to gain momentum.

Holiday Pains

The holidays are a fabulous time for being with family and friends, sharing food and drink, and reflecting on the past year.  However, they’re also full of scheduling conflicts, shopping, wrapping, food prep, travel, and expectations.

Unmet Expectations.... Can Hurt.


For many people this time can be stressful.  As a clinician working around the holidays there is often a noticeable increase in the number of flare-ups, recurrences of old issues, and onsets of pain.  For those experiencing this unfortunate side of the holidays, understanding the reasons for it goes a long way in helping to deal with it.  Here is a collection of a few great videos on pain perception and why it may increase during this time of year.

You will find that chronic or recurrent pain is a function of the brain, is often unrelated to the amount or significance of tissue damage, and that ‘hurt does not equal harm’.

As you live or train, avoid the “no pain, no gain” mentality and realize that if you “know pain” you will “know gain” (Thanks to David Butler and Lorimer Moseley authors of Explain Pain for these words). The clips below should help you “know pain”. Final words regarding rehab, training, and reactivation for those living with pain, from Diane Jacobs (paraphrased) “If you want your body to feel better, you have to feel your body move better.”  Quality movement is essential to feeling good and living well.

Enjoyed the videos and want more? Information and products from the NOI Group:

A sample from the audio book:

Life University R2P Course

Rehab 2 Performance Presents:  FUNCTIONAL FOUNDATIONS with Drs. Jeff Cubos & Jason Brown on April 28-29, 2012.

This course is offered with support from the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists and Theraband® Academy.

"Learn the Skills. Master the Art"

Date: April 28-29, 2012

Saturday: 8:30-5:00
Sunday: 8:30 –1:00

Location:  DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Atlanta
2780 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 770-980-1900

View registration form or simply register below.

The future is near and you must choose your path. The shift in paradigm has begun, is your foundation strong enough for you to thrive?


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Seneca Falls R2P Course

Contemporary Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Spine
with support from Theraband, Rehab 2 Performance, and ISCRS.

"Learn the Skills. Master the Art"

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This course will cover:

  • Functional Assessment and Grading with High Reliability
    -Essential for communication with other practitioners and third party payers
  • Assessment and Understanding of Faulty Movement Pattern and causes of Biomechanical Overload
  • Therapeutic Exercises and Program Design to Correct Functional Imbalance
  • Injury Avoidance and Athletic Performance Enhancement

Robert Block, DC, DACRB
Jason Brown, DC

Saturday, February 4th 8am-5pm
Sunday, February 5th 8am-noon

Seneca Falls Community Center
35 Water St. Seneca Falls, NY

$100 Students & NYCC Faculty
$200 Field practitioners
Please register at least 2 weeks (14 days) in advance. Register by January 21, 2012.  Late registrations add $50.

View course flyer.

Medical News Misinformation

No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions. –Charles Steinmetz

How often do we see the evening news, a newspaper, or a web article touting the new, revolutionary, risk-free, most-effective, miraculous solution to condition X.  All too often.  If you’re anything like me you either cringe or shut down at these claims.  It just can’t be as good as they make it sound, and it almost never is.  After years of hearing, reading, ignoring, and disregarding these claims…. there really haven’t been too many revolutions in the way we treat some common health problems.  Just lots of empty promises, money making gimmicks, and profitable new drugs or procedures that are marginally different than the old.  So why do we continue to see these same over-hyped, flawed, and misleading news stories….

We need to stop tolerating misleading journalism and instead start asking informed questions and demanding the whole story.

For a practical solution to many common health problems, try this.

23.5 Hours: A Must See

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Cubos, a must see video by Dr. Mike Evans. 

Watch it, think about it, and then get up and move.